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Timeline of the Life of Joseph Son of Jacob

There is lots of information about Joseph in Genesis chapters 40-41. For instance we know
# He was 17 when he was sold into Egypt
# He was 30 when he was made overseer
# He was 39 when his brothers first came to Egypt (second year of the famine, or nine years after being made overseer)
# He was probably 41 or so when the brothers came a second time and Jacob comes to Egypt
# He was 110 when he died

How long Was Joseph in Potiphars house? How long in prison?

In Genesis 41:46 we learn that Joseph was 30 when he was made overseer to the king of Egypt. Since he was 17 when he was sold into Egypt, that means he spent 13 years total in Potiphars house and in prison. So he lived in Potiphar’s house 11 years or less and was in prison 2 or more years. We know Joseph was in prison at least 2 years because chapter 40 tells us about the servants of the king whose dreams Joseph interpreted. The first verse of chapter 41 tells us that 2 years passed after that event before the king had his dreams that Joseph was called to interpret.

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10 thoughts on “Timeline of the Life of Joseph Son of Jacob

  1. chapter 45:6 – the second time they came to Egypt – says the famine had been apparent for two years not four years as your timeline would have us believe.

  2. i have no web but i am in facebook. pacis rodelio orozco
    i need to make a study of the life of joseph. his experiences in life must be apllied to our present time. an assignment given to us ushers. thank you. ROP

  3. How old was Joseph when his mother died in birthbirth and Benjamin was born? WAs he just a small boy or maybe a teenager?

  4. I need to know when Jacob was born

    1. Jacob was born 2006 B.C. or 2160 absolute years

  5. Im a sunday school teacher at my church and this year we are learning about Joseph the son of Son, everything about his life. If there is something you can help me with, please feel free to email me. I have a junior class, so we do a lot of singing, colouring in and stuff.

  6. I wd like to thank you for your efort plus l bilieve the life of joseph must be compared to our lives too and we must follow his footsteps

  7. i want to know when Joseph was born.

    1. Joseph was born 1915 B.C. (91 years after Jacob was born)

  8. Who was the wife of Joseph. Who is Joseph’s friend or adviser. But in all he is somebody we must see as a serious role model.

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