Easter Timeline | What Tree Used for Christ Cross

A Reader asks:
The cross that Jesus was crucified on, was it made from the Dogwood tree?
Also, the wreath of thorns that Jesus wore, what was it made from? And could you please direct me as to where it is located if anyplace in the Bible.

The Bible does not state what type of wood was used to make the cross. Nor does it state what type of plant was used for the crown of thorns. Smith’s Bible Dictionary has this to say about the crown of thorns:
Crown of thorns,
Matthew Our Lord was crowned with thorns in mockery by the Roman soldiers. Obviously some small flexile thorny shrub is meant perhaps Capparis spinosa. “Hasselquist, a Swedish naturalist, supposes a very common plant naba or nubka of the Arabs, with many small and sharp sines; soft, round and pliant branches; leaves much resembling ivy, of a very deep green, as if in designed mockery of a victor’s wreath.” –Alford.

None of the well-known Bible Dictionaries speculates on the type of wood used for the cross.

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  • Yvonne Sledge

    I thought Jesus was nailed to a tree. Only the cross bar did He carry because of Galatians 3:13. I didn’t think trees were cut down, trimmed and planed for every one that was crucified. Seems like a lot of work for the number of people they crucified during those times and not likely they would do it. What does Josephus say or does he comment on this?
    Thanks, Yvonne

  • faith

    why did god make dogwood trees lean

  • judy

    do you know the answer?

    • Margaret

      No because the Bible does not say. Any answer would just be a guess. Some have suggested wood from olive trees as they were common and plentiful if short in length.

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